There are two main ways to make your work available to others - sharing with people and sharing with the web.

1. Sharing with people

Sharing occurs via the PebblePad system and all shared work remains password protected.  You can share with others within your organisation who have a Pebble+ account and they will receive your share in their Asset Store.  You can also share with others who don''t use PebblePad at all.  They will receive an email with a link to your work and a username and password to use when accessing it.

2. Sharing with the web

You can also publish any of your assets to the Web, generating a URL that you can add to things like an email, a document or a website.  When you share an asset with the web you have the option to Hide from search engines.  This means your asset cannot be found by search engines unless you add the URL to a publicly accessible web page.  If you don''t choose this option,  sharing with the web adds the URL to a publicly accessible web page where it can be found by a search engine.