If you have access to your PebblePad account, you will be able to create your own Alumni account by opening the burger menu (top left icon from within your account), clicking the Additional settings tab and selecting Free Alumni accounts - you will then need to follow the registration process to create your new account.

If you longer have access to your PebblePad account, you will need you to contact your university and provide them with your PebblePad username as well as a personal email address. 

Once your university's PebblePad administrator has this information they will be able to trigger the Alumni account sign-up process for you.

As an alumni user your university assets will be stored in a separate tab within your Asset Store . This tab will sit alongside Assets, Resources and Deleted and will be labelled the name of your university or organisation. It is from here that you will be able to continue to access and manage any assets that have been previously created whilst studying.

New assets that you create will be stored in your Assets tab, separate from the university tab.