Typically what you do in Pebble+ will be guided by your lecturer, tutor or supervisor.  As well as giving you instructions they are likely to make you a Member of a Workspace in ATLAS.  If you go to ATLAS you will see a list of the workspaces you are a member of.  On each workspace you will find an About page, which is likely to be used by the course coordinator to provide information about the course, the assessment, and the things you will find on the workspace.  There is also a Resources page which will contain resources that are made available to you as part of the course.  This might include things for you to view, things for you to copy, or templates and workbooks for you to access from your Resource store in Pebble+.  The workspace Conversations page might be used as a place where you can ask questions or participate in class discussions.

In Pebble+ there is a What's happening panel where you can find messages sent to you by your tutor or messages informing you of shares, feedback added to your work, successful submissions, or changes to collaborative work.  These messages will also be sent to you via email.