Are you looking for great examples of learning design and how others have created PebblePad resources? Or maybe you're looking for inspiration when it comes to building a compelling portfolio. These pages are sure to provide you with some great ideas.

Portfolios - Learners
A place to showcase some of the brilliant portfolios being created by learners. Click on the title or the image to view the portfolios. Kwantlen Polyte...
Thu, 7 Jul, 2022 at 4:03 AM
Portfolios - Course-based
Click on the title or the image to view the portfolios Creative Arts Therapies - Fiona Gardner (Murdoch University, AU) The Art Installatio...
Thu, 20 Jan, 2022 at 11:50 AM
Portfolios - Staff and Professional
Click on the title or image to view the sample asset. If you have assets you'd like to share with the community, please download the form at the bot...
Thu, 7 Jul, 2022 at 4:05 AM
A workbook is a multiple page booklet that can be designed to deliver content and interactive material to the user for learning, revision or for assessment....
Thu, 7 Jul, 2022 at 4:12 AM
Institution PebblePad Showcase sites
The following institution sites provide a showcase of examples of use of PebblePad.  Click on the image to visit the site. Griffith University, Australia ...
Thu, 20 Jan, 2022 at 11:49 AM

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