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Project Overview Portfolios

Mark Derbyshire, Learning Enhancement Team, RMIT University

These portfolio pages were created to showcase the use of PebblePad in two programs at RMIT.  

Geospatial Sciences @RMIT

Maternal and Child Health @RMIT

Midwifery Research Portfolios

Dr Zoe Bradfield (Lecturer, Midwifery, Curtin University)

These portfolios have been developed with two main goals in mind:

(a) To facilitate the dissemination of research information, such as participant information forms;

(b) To facilitate engagement with anonymnous research participants during and after data collection to show study findings.

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Women's Perceptions of Students Study

Experiences of Receiving or Providing Maternity Care during COVID-19 Pandemic

For further information please contact:

Dr Zoe Bradfield: 

Educator Community Portfolio
Dr Sarah Burkhart (Lecturer, Nutrition & Dietetics, University of the Sunshine Coast) and Liza Barbour (Lecturer, Nutrition & Dietetics, Monash University)

This is an online platform to connect University educators across the globe who are teaching our future nutrition and dietetics workforce about sustainable food systems.


In 2019, a group of eight nutrition educators from Australia, Canada, USA and the UK joined forces to submit an abstract to the World Public Health Nutrition Congress. This abstract was accepted for a workshop however due to COVID-19, the Congress was converted to a virtual conference. This meant that our workshop could no longer proceed. 


One of the key intended outcomes from our workshop was to establish a network of University educators who are teaching our future nutrition and dietetics workforce about sustainable food systems. We have therefore created this online platform to share educator details, showcase some teaching and learning practices and hopefully promote future collaborative research efforts. 

WPHNC Sustainability Group Portfolio

For further information please contact:

Dr Sarah Burhart,

Liza Barbour,

Research portfolios - Dr Frank Stadler  (Research Fellow at the School of Medicine and Adjunct Research Fellow at the Department of Business Strategy and Innovation, Griffith University.)

Research information

Research ethics information

Frank says:

"PebblePad has proven to be an invaluable tool for me to disseminate information to fellow researchers, professional stakeholders and research participants." 

To read more about Frank's use of PebblePad to support his research activities, view his blog post 'Why PebblePad rocks' on the Griffith University Learning Futures blog.

Digital Dissertation Portfolio - Duncan MacIver (Technology Enhanced Learning Manager, CCCU)

Digital Learning Capture (DLC), often referred to as “Lecture Capture”, has become a popular addition to the academic technology toolkit. Much research has been undertaken on the subject, most focusing on the recording of lectures and the impact this has on attendance and attainment. Lecture Capture is only one use case for such a technology, however, and there is very little research looking at the other impacts that the technology could have on our students.

At Canterbury Christ Church University, a pilot project to investigate the use of DLC ahead of a full service rollout provided the opportunity for Duncan MacIver, Technology Enhanced Learning Manager, to focus his MSc dissertation research on how DLC can impact upon the study habits of students. Presented as a digital dissertation using PebblePad, the research is hopefully just the first step in exploring wider applications for DLC at CCCU and across the sector.

Professional Portfolio Steve Poulton, Paramedic

A digital portfolio Steve has created to highlight his CPD activities as he begins his career as a Paramedic.

Professional Portfolio - Dr Lana Mitchell (Nutrition & Dietetics, Griffith University, Australia)

This portfolio is an excellent example of an academic professional portfolio and includes links to many PebblePad workbook examples developed and used by Lana in the Nutrition and Dietetics program at Griffith University.  You can also view a presentation by Lana about their PebblePad Implementation project.

For further information, contact:

Lana Mitchell

Musician Promotional portfolio (demonstration)

This portfolio was created for demonstration purposes, and highlights the ways in which various types of audio-visual media can be embedded into your pages.


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Educator Community Portfolio

Educator Community Portfolio

Educator Community Portfolio

WPHNC Sustainability Group Portfolio 

Women's Perceptions of Students Study