In PebblePad, accessing a user's account requires their express permission, with them granting temporary access and retaining full control. To therefore prevent Canvas administrators from circumventing this using their Canvas permissions, the following will disable the Canvas impersonation feature.

How to set-up

  1. Login to Canvas with an account that has Administrator permissions.
  2. Navigate to the account administration area.
  3. Click Settings.
  4. Click the Apps tab.
  5. Click View App Configurations button.
  6. Click on the cog icon next to PebblePad and click Edit
  7. In the custom field text box add the following entry:


8.  Click the Submit button to confirm.

How to test

  • Navigate to a course from the Courses menu.
  • Click the People link in the side navigation bar.
  • Click on the (hyperlinked) student name you wish to impersonate.
  • In the side pane, click Act as user then the Proceed button.
  • In the course's main (left-hand) menu, click on PebblePad link to go to Pebble+.
  • A dashboard should not appear, but instead display an error message