With the PebblePad tool now added and configured to your Brightspace installation from the previous stages, this guide covers the end-to-end process to test the core functionality of LTI.

  • Single Sign-On (from Brightspace to PebblePad)
  • Enrolment Synchronisation
  • Grade Synchronisation
  • Direct linking (from Brightspace course to PebblePad resource)


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1. A new Brightspace course
2. Test accounts enrolled as teachers and students
3. PebblePad Global Administrator permissions

Steps 1-2
Test single sign-on and enrolment synchronisation 

  • Select the course's Content section from the main menu, 
  • Within a section, select the Existing Activities button
  • From the dropdown, select External Learning Tools
  • In the pop-up modal, choose PebblePad Assignment option
  • A new content item will be added to the Brightspace page

2: Create ATLAS workspace

  • Select the assignment title to open the ATLAS set-up wizard. 
  • The ATLAS workspace title will be match the Brightspace course.
  • Set to Active mode.
  • The Members and Managers tabs will confirm which accounts will be added to the workspace.
  • Select the Finish button.
  • Select the Members tab from the sub menu, and (User Group Synchronised) tab to view synchronised student accounts
  • Select the Managers tab to view synchronised instructor and student accounts

Confirm usernames pass correctly between Brightspace and PebblePad. Course enrolments will be transferred as below:

InstructorInstructorLead Tutor
Teaching AssistantTeaching AssistantTutor
AdvisorNo matching roleN/A
Anonymous GraderNo matching roleN/A

For more, see the guide: Adjusted Role Mappings

Steps 3-6
Test grade synchronisation 

3: Login as a Student

Login to the test student account to check the assignment is linked correctly to the Brightspace course.

  • From the Brightspace course, select the assignment link (as created above)

The assignment link uses role recognition with student accounts directed to Pebble+ when the button is selected.

4: Submit a student assignment

To test the grade synchronisation from the ATLAS workspace back to the Brightspace course, it's necessary to submit a student assignment to ATLAS for it to be graded.

  • From the Pebble+ dashboard, go to Get Creative
  • Choose Page
  • From the Add Content button, drag a Text box onto the page
  • Add [holding] text
  • Select the Save button and give the page a title
  • Choose Assets from the Pebble+ dashboard
  • Select the icon of the Asset to submit for grading*
  • Select the I want to... button and choose Share
  • From the pop-up modal, choose With ATLAS
  • Follow the options to choose the correct workspace
  • Finish by selecting the share asset button
  • Scroll down the sidebar to see confirmation the asset has been shared.

5: Login as a Teacher

To finish testing the grade synchronisation from the ATLAS workspace back to the Brightspace course, login as a Teacher:

  • Access the Brightspace course
  • Go to the Assignment link

The assignment link uses role recognition with teacher accounts directed to the ATLAS workspace when the button is selected.

6: Grade submission

Open the submission submitted in step 4 and give it a grade.

  • Select the Submission option
  • Select the title of the submission to open in the ATLAS Submission Viewer (a new tab window)
  • In the feedback sidebar, select the I want to... button 
  • Choose Add Grade from the list
  • Add a (numeric) grade into the text area
  • Select the Save & Release button - confirmation will appear beneath once saved.
  • Return to Moodle and navigate to the course's Grades
  • The grade will be passed into the grade book column for the associated student

Grades recalled or deleted in ATLAS will not recall or delete the grade in Brightspace.

Steps 7
Test direct resource linking 

  • Navigate to the course's Content, and to within the required section 
  • Select the Existing Activities button from the sub menu
  • From the dropdown, scroll and choose Resource Linking Tool
  • Your PebblePad Resource Store will be displayed in the modal window
  • Scroll to select the desired template
  • Once selected, you'll be returned to the Brightspace page.
  • Select the template link to open the resource in PebblePad.

This confirms direct linking to PebblePad resources from a Brightspace course is tested and working.

This completes the end-to-end test of your Brightspace to PebblePad LTI integration.