From Super Student to Super User

Steve Poulton (2022) Lecturer, Sheffield Hallam University

Presentation at MiniBash UK June 2022

Join Steve Poulton on this fascinating learner journey from paramedicine student at Sheffield Hallam University, to industry preceptor, and now proud father, lecturer, and community of practice liaison for the paramedicine regulatory body.  What have all these things got in common?  PebblePad!  He enthuses about his use as a student, informs us how his alumni account allowed him to document and evidence continued professional development and now in his teaching, he employs the PebblePocket App to greatly increase efficiency, flexibility and reduce marking time.  

Steve currently updates his PebblePad blog daily to record and reflect on both professional and personal events that happen in his life.  He not only talks the PebblePad talk but he walks the walk.  His pragmatic approach to any challenge is to define the end goal and work backwards from there to bring the technology to the problem, and it is through many years of experience with different hats on that he finds PebblePad to be the solution.

2004 - 2022: 18 Years of Pebble-iciousness

Rachel Challen (2022) Principal Lecturer, Nottingham Trent University

Presentation at MiniBash UK June 2022

From being one of the first Pebble employees at Pebble HQ, through various projects at various institutions, to her role as Learning, Teaching and Staff Development Manager at Nottingham Trent University, the one constant in Rachel's packed journey is PebblePad.  Rachel takes us through a journey retrospective, describing the parallel experiences of the impact of PebblePad on her personally and on the people around her.

At the core of her story is the process of documenting and reflecting on her experiences within PebblePad, despite not knowing how or why these things might be useful or helpful, until developing and submitting her Senior Fellowship and her Senior CMALT, both written and submitted through PebblePad.  

"I’d forgotten what I’d put in my portfolio for all those years … and I went back and I was like, Oh I can use this … this is really good … I’d forgotten.  And I didn’t realise that I had this lens on teaching … I had no idea what a lens was when I started.  But now I’m here I understand that my practice has grown and I can see it growing because I’d been putting these things in and reflecting.  So I was able to articulate that in both of those applications."