Medical educators are using PebblePad to add value to their programs in ways beyond what might be expected when first considering eportfolios. 

Medicine examples from the UK

The following portfolio includes examples, grouped across six thematic areas, that demonstrate how UK universities are using PebblePad in critical areas of learning:

  •  Preparing for clinical practice
  •  Enhancing the supervisory relationship
  •  Enhancing remote activities for all stakeholders
  •  Supporting critical reflection as part of professional growth
  •  Using reporting to analyse activity and respond to emerging real time
  •  Tracking progress across years or across the program

while reducing costs and allowing stakeholders to achieve things that were previously impossible.

Examples provided by University of East Anglia, Edge Hill University, University of Birmingham, University of Liverpool, Aston Medical School, Sheffield Hallam University, and Queen Mary University of London.

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