Technology is the key: Student musicians' engagement with PebblePad for authentic professional learning

Dr Diana Tolmie (2021) Queensland Conservatorium at Griffith University

In this TELedvisors webinar Diana Tolmie presents on the use of PebblePad in a suite of core courses offered within the Bachelor of Music program called 'My Life as a Musician'.  

Diana describes the use of a PebblePad workbook as a hypothetical grant application, where the structure is based closely on an actual grant scheme that is available to aspiring musicians in Australia, to allow them to take up professional development opportunities.  The students complete this workbook as an assessment piece for the course, but they are also encouraged to proceed to the actual grant application, where appropriate.  Dr. Tolmie identified that through this activity quite a few of her students have successfully obtained a grant to support them with projects to develop their careers. 

Facilitating feedback in Languages

Kathryn Hill (2018) Educational Developer, La Trobe University

A presentation from the "Designing Assessment with PebblePad" day at La Trobe University, 19 July 2018

In the first part of this presentation Dr. Kathryn Hill describes a technology-mediated intervention designed to improve learner engagement with written feedback in a university-level Spanish class. 

In the second part of this presentation Terry Young describes how PebblePad could be used to overcome some of the technical problems encountered, including learner access and teacher workload.

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