Supporting the degree apprentice's learning journey with PebblePad and Blackboard Ultra

"The focus had changed from the completion of a PebblePad workbook to a logical sequence of self-analysis, personal development and evidence gathering marked by supportive workshops and individual meetings. PebblePad was chosen to record the individual journey and the evidence."

Patrick Viney, Northumbria University, UK

Themes:  Degree Apprenticeships; Business; VLE/LMS integration; Learning journey

PebblePad features:  Workbooks; Templates; Blackboard Ultra integration; Tags

Source: PebbleBash case study (2020)

Structuring the learning; Personalising the experience

"It is important to build on the students’ experience of reflective learning through PebblePad, so that a progressive body of work can be built up."

Dr Sarah Tuck, Plymouth Business School, Plymouth University, UK and Emma Purnell, Academic Support, Technology & Innovation, Plymouth University, UK

Themes: Reflection, Independent Learning, Graduate Attributes

PebblePad feature: Workbooks

Source: PebbleBash paper (2016)

Using PebblePad for dissertation management within Newcastle Business School

"The dissertation is the business undergraduate’s opportunity to showcase their skills and employability by conducting an investigation into an applied business problem or issue. PebblePad is the medium/technology that brings this student-led investigation into the 21st century by ensuring that throughout their project each student is provided with richer and more accessible feedback and support."

Patrick Viney, Newcastle Business School, Northumbria University, UK

Themes: Research Supervision, Independent Learning, User Management

PebblePad features: Workbooks, Sets, Integrations

Source: PebbleBash paper (2016)

PebblePad tools for a 3D approach to transition – industry, VET, HE or Career Pathways

"PebblePad’s strong link to the workplace is demonstrated through the tools that learners can use to build a professional identity and ultimately to guide their post study pathway. They can easily update their CV, store examples of templates to be used in the workplace, share projects with their employers/ managers/mentors, and join in industry discussions in their e-community."

Pauline Porcaro, Business TAFE School, RMIT University, AUS

Themes: Work Integrated LearningEmployabilityTransition

PebblePad features: Portfolios, Integrations

Source: PebbleBash paper (2012)

ePortfolio based learning for accountants... Does it add up?

"The benefit of using PebblePad in the context of this core,level 4 module was the ability to keep all the learning together in one place and included personal, academic and subject specific learning. The design allows for incremental feed-forward to happen with dialogic potential so that students were able to develop their skills and knowledge on-going with the support and guidance of subject specialist tutors."

Rachel Challen, Lorraine Howell, Lisa McKeown and Emma Purnell, Blended Learning Unit and Wolverhampton Business School, The University of Wolverhampton, UK 

Themes: ReflectionFeedbackeAssessment

PebblePad features: Portfolios

Source: PebbleBash paper (2012)

Personal Development Planning and International Students

"Reflective skills MUST be taught - it is not enough to tell students, and in particular international students, to reflect on what they have learnt … The students are encouraged to record their thoughts in PebblePad after each  session and to revisit those thoughts and add further reflection."

Christina Meredith, Business School, Oxford Brookes University, UK

Themes: Reflection, eAssessment,

PebblePad features: Action Plans, Portfolios

Source: PebbleBash paper (2010)

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"The main challenge was to design an ePortfolio template which would provide resources for learners that would have utility both within academic assessments and personal development underpinning their lifelong employability … There was also a unique opportunity to engage employers and learners in a collaborative process."

Plymouth Law School, University of Plymouth

Themes: Employability, Work Integrated Learning

PebblePad features: Workbooks

Catching the Wave Together: Using PebblePad to support collaborative simulation in legal practice

"At the heart of Catch the Wave was the desire to create a learning experience for students that would enable them to experience, consolidate, and develop their learning from across the LPC in an authentic, simulated setting."

Rachel Wood, Department of Law, The University of the West of England, UK

Themes: Group Work, Simulation, Student Engagement

PebblePad features: Portfolios, Activity Logs, Sets

Source: PebbleBash paper (2016)


Moving from paper to PebblePad: Connecting students, practicum supervisors, and instructors

"Although the curriculum is essentially unchanged, PebblePad has facilitated engagement among students, practicum supervisors, and the instructor, making the practicum experience more dynamic and efficient"

Yusuke Ishimura School of Computer and Security Science, Edith Cowan University, AUS

Themes: PlacementeAssessmentProfessional Development

PebblePad features: Workbooks, External Assessors

Source: PebbleBash paper (2014)

Operability of PebblePad as a medium for assessment and PDP development in second year computing students preparing for placement.

“The opportunity to give more formalised and evidenced feedback has … received a very positive response both from the tutor and the students. Students also had the opportunity to clarify aspects of the feedback that require further explanation.”

Scott Jones & Claire Bylo, University of Derby, UK

Themes: eAssessment, Employability

PebblePad features: Portfolios

Source: PebbleBash paper (2010)

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