A successful implementation of PebblePad is best supported by preparation and planning, and having a dedicated team of experts and champions on board.  We have put together a comprehensive toolkit of resources to assist implementation teams in identifying and prioritising key actions.

Implementation Viewpoints Cards

Based on over 10 years' experience of successful implementations, and further validated by advice published by Jisc and the outputs of the Catalyst for Learning project, these cards cover the 4 stages of implementation:

  • Vision and scoping
  • Planning and designing
  • Implementing and supporting
  • Scaling and sustaining

There are two additional pairs of cards concerned with:

  • Principles and pedagogy
  • Access and integration

The questions and activities on the cards are aimed at guiding your discussion and planning. 

Activity Templates

To assist with some of the activities suggested on the Viewpoints cards, we have provided some templates to guide your responses. 

Touchpoints diagrams, Problems we are trying to solve and Benefits templates

These activities belong to the Vision and Scoping phase and are aimed at helping you articulate your purpose and vision for PebblePad.

User profiles examples and template

Consider the full diversity of potential users and how they will engage with PebblePad

Support circles, Training needs table, Who's an expert? table

Map your user profiles onto these templates to assist you with planning for support and training for all of your users

Maturity spidergraph

This diagram will help you to reflect on different aspects of your implementation.

Making it fail

How many ways can you imagine to ensure a failed implementation (and how can you avoid these pitfalls)?


Implementation Toolkit Viewpoints cards

Templates for activities

Further resources

Blog post - 4 steps to successful eportfolio impementation 

Case study - The PUPPI Project: The Plymouth University Phase 2 PebblePad Implementation Project

Victoria Curry, Dan Metcalfe, & Emma Purnell, Academic Support, Technology & Innovation, Plymouth University, UK

Case study - Towards an eportfolio culture: One institution’s journey

Candyce Reynolds, Educational Leadership and Policy, Portland State University, US and Melissa Pirie, School of Business Administration, Portland State University, US

Case study - Implementation of an ePortfolio Early Adopter Phase: Processes and outcomes

    Christine Slade & Keith Murfin, Centre for the Support and Advancement of Learning and Teaching, University of the Sunshine Coast, AU (2014)