Designing and implementing a self-study guide for reflection and skill development in support of a Co-operative Education Research Certificate

"The implementation of the PebblePad workbook highlighted that personal online learning environments can not only support student reflection and learning, but also simplify program administration. Transforming an administrative registration form into a “job application” format still met the administrative need, but also facilitated an effective medium for coaching and feedback."

Jeremy Steffler, University of Waterloo, CA

Themes: Co-operative education; Independent research; Reflection

PebblePad features:  Workbooks; 

Source:  PebbleBash case study (2020) 

Knowledge serves us all: Integrative eportfolio practice at Portland State University

"The vast majority of FRINQ students now produce their portfolios through the use of PebblePad, and faculty, administrators and graduate students from across the University engage with PebblePad during end-of-year assessment processes. Given the renewed focus on the Program’s vision and mission, with its emphasis on the practice of critical reflection across constituencies, we realized that we could advance portfolio thinking and integrative learning not just with, for, and among our students, but with, for, and among faculty and administrators, as well."

Vicki Reitenauer, Rowanna Carpenter & Annie Knepler, Portland State University, US

Themes:  Integrative learning; Interdisciplinary education; ePortfolio assessment

PebblePad features:  Portfolios; Assessment archives

Source:  PebbleBash case study (2020)

Consider Me: Streamlining admissions at the Royal College of Art

"The RCA wanted to reduce the focus on interviews and increase the focus on assessing the products, projects and outputs of an applicant; interviews were to be used for clarification rather than by default as in previous years. PebblePad was seen as a flexible tool which allowed us to gather this content in a user-friendly way and also allowed us to review and collect the data of application effectively."

Juli MacArthur & Emma Bayne, Royal College of Art, UK

Themes:  Art; Admissions; Managing administration workflows

PebblePad features: PebblePad API; Groups; Workbooks; Reporting

Source: PebbleBash case study (2020)

Using PebblePad to enhance the effectiveness of personal tutoring and improve student engagement

"The strong positive aspects from this pilot study demonstrate that the workbook helps plan and support a consistent approach to the personal tutoring process, which is something that currently does not occur within the institution."

Kathryn Hoyle, Sarah Ruston, Joanne Scott & Tina Harvey, University of Cumbria, UK

Themes:  Personal tutoring; Student success

PebblePad features:  Workbooks; Assessor fields; Reporting

Source:  PebbleBash case study (2020)

Feedback that feeds forward: Using PebblePad workbooks to facilitate engagement with feedback and language development in a university pathway program

".... PebblePad workbooks have been designed to facilitate a social constructivist approach to feedback through an ‘assessment as learning’ model, recognising the transformative potential of feedback to both shape identity (Price et al., 2011), and empower learners with a sense of ownership in their writing (Lee, 2017)."

Keely Cook & Jane Karanassiou, Renison University College, University of Waterloo, CA

Themes:  Feedback; English Language Learners; Pathway Program; Student Success

PebblePad Features:  Workbooks; Peer review; Reflection; Feedback

Source:  PebbleBash case study (2020)