Peer Assessment at scale

"The Edinburgh Global department at the University of Edinburgh offers a Go Abroad Fund which provides financial support for students to undertake a short-term international experience linked to their studies. However, the popularity of the scheme created the challenge of how to select 200 successful applicants from around 1,100 entrants. PebblePad proved to be the only technical solution available to meet the fundamental requirements of the project.

Robert Chmielewski, Information Services, Learning, Teaching and Web teamUniversity of Edinburgh

SourcePebblePad Case Study (2019)

Themes: Employability, Graduate Attributes

PebblePad Features: Peer Assessment, Blind marking

The Career Ready portfolio: From rhetoric to reality

"A key learning from this project relates to the strategy required to begin an implementation of this scale across the institution … A successful project is only as successful as the people who own it and take it forward."

Terry Young, La Trobe Learning & Teaching, La Trobe University, AUS

Themes: Employability, Graduate Attributes, Transition, Student Engagement

PebblePad Features: Templates, Collections, Tagging,

PebbleBash paper (2018)

Griffith Graduates of Influence – Developing an institutionwide employability portfolio

"Griffith University wanted to implement an institution-wide employability achievement record which was accessible to all students, was a record of students’ personal achievements in a variety of activities, was able to be kept and added to over time, was easy to use, could be evaluated at discipline or school-level, and could provide usage data to the university executive."

Priscilla Trahar & Professor Heidi Blair, Learning Futures, Griffith University, AUS

Themes: Employability, Graduate Attributes, Student Engagement, Developing Professional Identity

PebblePad Features: Activity Logs, Tagging, Workbooks, Templates

PebbleBash paper (2018)

Designing a faculty-wide PebblePad strategy for future readiness

“The purpose of use …should be revisited throughout the curriculum to encourage students to draw connections between their current PebblePad use and future use in employment.”

Joy Robbins, Centre for Educational Development, University of Bradford, UK

Theme: Implementation

Source: PebbleBash paper (2016)

The Career Pathways Transition to Employment Project: Development, Outcomes and Future Directions

"Career Pathways was established to be a flexible and individually tailored transition service for students with disabilities, which they could access throughout their time in college and into employment. The project was a collaboration between the Careers Advisory Service and Disability Service in Trinity College Dublin. The aim was to develop a streamlined process to support students with disabilities in the transition to the workplace."

Kieran Lewis, Senior Occupational Therapist, Trinity College Dublin
Claire Gleeson, Senior Occupational Therapist, Trinity College Dublin
Eileen Daly, Disability Rights Activist

 The AHEAD Journal (2016)

Swansea Employability Award

“Employability is a ‘learning orientation’ – a student cannot simply pass an exam and say they are now employable. ... Learning orientation is about continuous and deep learning, and reflecting on learning underpins this. PebblePad tools support this learning in a unique and effective way.”

Chris Cardew, Careers and Employability, Swansea University, UK 

Themes: Employability, Student Engagement, Reflection

PebblePad features: Templates

Source: PebbleBash paper (2012)

Encouraging student careers reflection, planning and engagement through online portfolio (webfolio) building

"Possibly the greatest impact the initiative has had is in providing a focus point, methodology and language for the Careers and Employability Centre and the university more generally to promote and talk about the need for students to construct broad portfolios of evidence as part of their time at university and for their transition to next steps."

Andy Howard, Careers and Employability Centre, University of Sussex, UK

Themes: Reflection, Graduate Attributes, Employability, Implementation

PebblePad features: Portfolios

Source: PebbleBash paper (2012)

Generating individual learner profiles for work-based learners

"At the core of this project is the desire to encourage innovative curriculum development and delivery within the recognised quality assurance frameworks  demanded  by  higher  education.  ePortfolios are central to the delivery mechanisms envisaged for this project, providing the means to present the student with their individual requirements and the forum for presentation of evidence."

Martin Jenkins and Phil Gravestock, Co-generative Toolkit, University of Gloucestershire, UK

Themes: Implementation, Work Integrated Learning

Source: PebbleBash paper (2010)

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