The 'Unfold' project – enhancing the Personal Tutor System with the use of reflective templates

"Since its introduction, the ‘Unfold’ workbooks have proved to be very flexible template containers. Students found them easy to access …. One of the essential features was the ability to expand workbooks continually - new sections could be added to templates whilst students were using their copies of the workbook."

Robert Chmielewski (1) & Prof. Ian Pirie (2),  1) Information Services and Institute for Academic Development, and 2) Assistant Principal Learning and Development, University of Edinburgh, UK

Themes: Reflection, Student Engagement

PebblePad features: Templates, Workbooks

Source: PebbleBash paper (2014)

Keeping track of research students - and supervisors!

“We needed to effectively capture and record engagement of research students and supervisors with the research process and ensure that this was happening on a regular basis, both for the purposes of ensuring that students receive good, regular supervision, and for the purposes of reporting to the Border Agency to ensure that we could prove overseas research students were actively engaged with their commitment to UK study.”

Mark Gamble, Centre for Learning Excellence, University of Bedfordshire, UK

Themes: Research Supervision, Streamlining processes,

PebblePad features: Templates, Action Plans

Source: PebbleBash paper (2012)

Supporting recording and archiving of research student supervisory meetings with PebblePad

“The training is not just “click here” to execute completion of the form, but includes holistic training on action planning, PDP, eportfolios and PebblePad, as without these, the form will be seen in isolation, and render the experience fragmented and unsatisfactory.”

Peter Norrington, Research Graduate School, University of Bedfordshire, UK

Themes: Research Supervision, Streamlining processes

Source: PebbleBash paper (2010)

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