The instructor would set a modification deadline which allows for edits and changes up until that time/date. Irrespective of how many changes a user makes the instructor will only see the version as it appeared at the deadline point.

In addition to having preset deadlines, an assignment can be paused at any time. Pausing an assignment takes a snapshot of the submitted work at time of pausing. While paused, any updates to the work will not be reflected on the workspace. 

Pausing an assignment has no impact on the submitted work in the Asset Store, as students can continue to edit their work, but these edits will not be visible on the workspace as long as this work is paused. When the assignment is "played," the submissions are updated to their most recent version. 

Additionally, providing the work was submitted prior to 15 June the instructor can use the 'look back in time' feature at any subsequent point in time to view work on the 15th or any other later date.