Many PebblePad users move into professions that also use PebblePad to support continuing professional development (CPD) or move to a different university that also uses PebblePad.  In these cases the users might have two or more PebblePad accounts, for example, an alumni account from their first university, an account from their professional body, and an account from their new university. It is possible to have your PebblePad accounts linked together so that all the assets are available from a single account* or, if you need to use multiple accounts, so that the assets are available in whichever account you are working in.  

To link accounts, log in to the account that you want to link to (this would be your secondary account – the one that you use least).  Go to the Burger Menu > Additional Settings > External Services.

Select the Link PebblePad accounts option. You will find instructions on this page for linking accounts.

*Note that this functionality currently only applies to Assets. Resources cannot yet be accessed via linked accounts.