PebblePad is a Personal Learning and Assessment System. As a system it contains two main components (more are being developed).

The first component is Pebble+ and it is the Personal Learning Space. In Pebble+ you will find tools to help you create rich records of your learning, experience and achievement. Everything you create in Pebble+ is private unless you choose to share it with others.

The second component is ATLAS and it is the institutional assessment space.  Often people are asked to create items in Pebble+ specifically for assessment or validation by others.  These assets are normally submitted to Workspaces within ATLAS so that teachers and assessors can view them and add feedback, grades, approvals, etc.  ATLAS is designed specifically to support rich, iterative and conversational styles of assessment and feedback.   Workspaces can also be used to provide access to resources, online discussions, and other information relevant to the learning activities.