Pebblegogy - Ideas and Activities to Inspire and Engage Learners 

Shane Sutherland, Jane Brotchie, and Sarah Chesney  

Pebblegogy was created to help tutors and learning designers create meaningful activities to support their curricula. Written by PebblePad experts and informed by contributions from experienced practitioners in the UK and Australia, Pebblegogy was designed for those new to PebblePad who want practical guidance in making best use of the personal learning space. For those who are already experts, the book offers a rich source of inspiration for designing engaging and motivating learning experiences with PebblePad.

Although published in 2011 for an earlier version of PebblePad, the underpinning philosophy and pedagogical apporoach holds true. The introductory chapters on the personal learning space, principles of PebblePad, learning design, and planning purposeful activities continue to be useful and provide a helpful framework for approaches to embedding PebblePad across a learning journey.  While the specific instructions for individual activites no longer apply, many of the activities theselves can be easily replicated in v5, and provide inspiration for a myriad new activities that take advantage of new PebblePad functionality.

Download Pebblegogy as a pdf