How can organisations better prepare graduates and employees for a changing and increasingly competitive world?

To successfully navigate the workplace of the 21st century, employees and graduates will require flexibility and a strong awareness of their skills and attributes. Most importantly, the ability to communicate the applicability of these talents across a range of positions will play a large part in an individual's employability.

PebblePad has been designed to support and surface all learning processes. Beyond presentational tools, PebblePad hosts a range of features designed to scaffold learning and support users in the processes of recording, reflecting upon and making connections between all of their learning experiences, wherever and whenever they occur. Learners can work privately and alone, or share their work for collaboration, feedback or assessment.  In addition to the Reflections, Plans, Collections, Blogs, Portfolios, customizable Templates and Workbooks, and Portfolios, our assessment space (ATLAS) allows for provision of formative and summative feedback, grading and a range of peer review options.

Future Ready Activity Kit

This suite of resources has been designed to support you in the use of PebblePad to plan purposeful activities that prompt learners to explore, define and express their developing talents and capabilities.

Designing for Future Readiness - Resources


A set of Themed Activity Cards that includes key discussion questions for prompting your activities.

‘Which PebblePad Asset?’ poster that helps you to select the PebblePad tools that best support your activities and desired outcomes.

A portfolio for each theme that contains the complete instructions for the learning designs and some additional activity options. Editable learner instructions are also included.