Process for moving assessments to new LTI linked workspace

Hi all, 

I have a few questions about moving assignments over from building block to LTI on Blackboard

This is something we need to know as we have some Programme Level Courses in Blackboard which pass the grades back to Blackboard Grade Centre. With the retirement of Building Block at the end of 2023, we're recommending that people create a new link in their upcoming course using the LTI, create a new linked  workspace and move the assignments over. 

The questions:

  • We can have a building block and an LTI (1.1 or 1.3) link on the same Blackboard Course? 
  • Assignments can only be moved over to a new workspace when all feedback has been released? 
  • The settings on the new assessment must match the old assessment settings? Including which submission viewer is used.
  • Grades will automatically be pushed to the new grade centre column?

Cat Bazela

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Hi Cat,

Thank you for getting in touch. 

I am pleased to announce that our documentation to aid Moving from Building Block to LTI 1.3 has now been released.

This will hopefully answer your questions but please come back and chat with us here after you have read this through if you have any follow-up questions.

Have a great day.


Hi Kellie, 

We'll be using LTI 1.1 when the building block is retired at the end of the year (as next years courses were released before LTI 1.3 was released and we need to  in house test) - would the process still be the same? 


Hi Cat,

Yes - the process outlined here is what is recommended to follow. Blackboard courses with existing links using BbBB will not be migrated or upgraded by adding LTI 1.3.

These instructions will need to be followed if you require your existing LTI 1.1 building block links to work after the Blackboard deprecation date. This can be actioned after the end of 2023 but from 1 January 2024 your existing LTI 1.1 course link will break. No data will be lost on the PebblePad side.


Thanks Kellie, 

So just to confirm, the process will be the same for moving assessments from the building block (which stops working at the end of 2023) to full LTI 1.1 (which is not linked to a building block) which is still supported by Blackboard for the foreseeable future?



Hi Cat,

Thank you for the clarification. When you were talking about LTI 1.1 I had wrongly assumed you were talking about the building block.

If you were to use LTI 1.1 core (AKA native) this will only support SSO into PebblePad. Our LTI 1.1 Blackboard PebblePad integration requires the use of the building block for further functionality such as memberships and grade synchronisation.

We would not recommend this route and would advise following the guide to migrate building block courses to use LTI 1.3.

I hope this helps.


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