This guide covers the API set-up process in the administration areas of both Brightspace and PebblePad.


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The API requires authentication from a user account with an administrator role. It is advisable to use a dedicated ‘Service Account’ and not a person's actual account. This will provide adequate security and ensure consistency of service, unaffected by people moving or leaving jobs.

1: Register app

  • Login to Brightspace with the dedicated 'Service User' account
  • From the Brightspace dashboard, select the Setting cog (top right) to view the admin options
  • Select Manage Extensibility from the sub menu

  • Choose the OAuth2 tab to filter the view

  • Select the Register an App button

  • Complete the fields as follows:

Application NamePebblePad LTI 1.3
Redirect URLhttps://ServerDomain/admin/pebble/Integrations/OAuth2/Authorised
Scopecore:*:* enrollment:orgunit:read grades:gradeobjects:read,write grades:gradevalues:write
Access token lifetime3600 seconds
Prompt for user consentTick
Enable refresh tokensTick
Non-commercial Developer AgreementTick

Sub-table for redirect URL server domains:

Testing (TAQAS)

  • Select the Register button to save and continue.
  • Leave the tab window open to have access to the Client ID and Secret (needed for Step 2) 

2: Set-up PebblePad global admin

  • In a new browser tab window, login to PebblePad
  • Use the Burger icon to open the sidebar menu
  • Select Additional Settings and Administration to open the global administration panel
  • Choose the Integrations tab
  • Choose the Brightspace sub-menu tab
  • Complete the fields as follows:

Brightspace Token URL(leave supplied default value)
Client ID(copy from Step 1 above)
Client Secret(copy from Step 1 above)
Brightspace URLThe URL of your Brightspace landing page (must end with / )
Tool ID(leave supplied default value)
Brightspace API Version(leave value as default)

  • From the Settings for SSO section, note both the Key and Secret provided (needed for Step 3)
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and select the Save button to finish
  • A Brightspace page will display. Select the Accept button to confirm the connection.

3: Contact PebblePad

If you have not done so already, download the CSV file below and complete with the required information. The information can be obtained in Stage 2, steps 2 & 3.

Follow this guide to upload to your PebblePad account and share the file with PebblePad Support.

Please ensure you update the Integration Journey Planner, marking stages 1-3 as complete. This will alert our PebblePad Implementation Engineer to action Super Admin settings. You will be contacted when completed to proceed to stage 4. 

Stage 4: End-to-end test >