This guide covers how to link directly to a PebblePad resource from a Brightspace course, without connecting to an ATLAS workspace.


What is this?

Canvas course with PebblePad link

A PebblePad resource can be directly linked to from within a Brightspace course. This provides a way for students to give structured responses using PebblePad's templates and workbooks.

Standard, pre-prepared PebblePad resources can be used, as well as custom-built versions where students are required to capture specific information.

Direct links are a quick and simple solution to using PebblePad resources and bypass the need to link an ATLAS workspace.

How To Set-up

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Requires the user to be enrolled as an Instructor or Course Designer on the Brightspace course.


The following can be added to any Content area - example shows within Week 1.

  • Navigate to the course's Content, and to within the required section 
  • Select the Existing Activities button from the sub menu
  • From the dropdown, scroll and choose Resource Linking Tool

2. Choose a template

  • Your PebblePad Resource Store will be displayed in the modal window
  • Scroll to select the desired template
  • Once selected, you'll be returned to the Brightspace page.

If the account holder is the owner or collaborator of a custom resource, these will also be listed in your PebblePad Resource Store and available for selection.

3. Retitle and describe (optional)

  • Use the Bulk Edit button to update the link's details
  • Select the title, and type to rename it.
  • Select the Add a description, type in the text area, and Update button to confirm
  • Select the Done Editing button when complete

Student View

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Requires the user to be enrolled as a Student on the Canvas course.

1. Open the course page

  • Navigate to the Brightspace page containing the PebblePad resource link.

2. Open the Resource 

  • Select the PebblePad link on the page to open PebblePad directly in the resource.

3. Save as Asset 

  • Add a title in the Save as... field
  • Save the page using the Save button
  • Use the Burger menu button in the top menu to expand the menu bar.
  • Select the Assets link to open the Asset Store. 
  • The new template is saved here.

Custom resources set to single-use will not allow students to create multiple copies and will redirect them back to their first saved version in their Asset Store.