This guide covers how grades are synchronised from the ATLAS workspace into the linked Moodle course's grader report.


What is this?

PebblePad Grade

With a PebblePad assignment added to a Moodle course, it's possible to synchronise the grades between the two platforms.

When a teacher adds a grade to a submission in the ALTAS workspace and releases it, this information is automatically passed back to Moodle and added to the related grader report column.

Students can access their grade either from Moodle, or from their PebblePad Asset Store.


How To Set-up

Please complete: Add A PebblePad Assignment

Teacher View

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Requires the user to be enrolled as a Manager or Teacher to the Moodle course.

1. Open ATLAS workspace

From the Moodle course, select the assignment title to open ATLAS and be directed straight to the connected assignment in the workspace.

2. Open Submission

Select the submission title to open it in the ATLAS Submission Viewer for assessment.

3. Give a Grade

Use the I want to... button to select Add Grade.

Type the grade in the text field and select Save & Release.

Close the Submission Viewer and ATLAS workspace tab windows.

4. Check Course grader report

Back to the Moodle course, select Grades to view the grader report columns.

Grades recalled within the ATLAS workspace will not be recalled in the Moodle course.

Student View

Requires the user to be enrolled as Student to the Moodle course.

Grades are visible to students in either of the following locations:

1. Open Grades

The student can navigate to the Moodle course grades to see the released grade.

2. Open Asset Store

The student can navigate to their Pebble+ Asset Store to see the released grade in the feedback sidebar.