This guide covers how to add multiple PebblePad assignments to the same Moodle course.


What is this?

Blackboard course with multiple PebblePad assignments

Not limited to adding one PebblePad assignment to a Moodle course, it's possible to add multiple assignments. All are saved in the linked ATLAS workspace, meaning quick access for Teachers, whilst also efficiently handling enrolments.

How To Set-up

Before proceeding, first complete: Add A PebblePad Assignment

Open video full screen

Requires the user to be enrolled as a Manager or Teacher on the Moodle course.

1. Turn on Edit mode

Select the Edit mode button (top right) to allow changes to be made to the course

Within a section (Topic 3 shown in video example) select the Add an activity or resource link

3. Add External Tool

From the pop-up modal, choose the External Tool tile

4. Set as PebblePad 

In the Preconfigured tool field, choose PebblePad from the dropdown menu.

Choose the Select content button

5. Confirm assignment settings 

Select the Open in new window link to launch ATLAS.

The new assignment's settings page will open. Adjust settings as required.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and Save

Choose the Assignments tab to view all PebblePad assignments in the workspace

Repeat the steps above to add additional assignments. Each will be saved within the same ATLAS workspace connected to the Moodle course.