This guide covers how to add a new external tool for PebblePad in a Moodle administration area.


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Login to Moodle using an account with a System Admin role.

1: Go to External Tool admin

  • From the main menu, select Site Administration 
  • Select Plugins from the sub menu
  • Scroll and within External Tool select Manage tools
  • Select the configure a tool manually link beneath the buttons

2: Input tool settings

Add the following data into the related fields.

Tool namePebblePad LTI 1.3
Tool URL

https://server domain/login/openid/redirect

Replace server domain with the appropriate option from the sub-table below.

LTI VersionLTI 1.3

Public key typeKeyset URL

Public keysethttps://server domain/login/org-url-segment/.well-known/jwks.json

Replace server domain with the appropriate option from the sub-table below.

Also, replace org-url-segment with your Pebble installation org URL found on the end of your main login page URL.


Initiate login URLhttps://server domain/login/openid/authorise

Replace server domain with the appropriate option from the sub-table below.

Redirection URI(s)https://server domain/login/openid/redirect

Replace server domain with the appropriate option from the sub-table below.

Custom parameterspebble_username=$User.username

Tool configuration usageShow as preconfigured tool when adding an external tool

Default launch containerNew Window

Supports Deep Linking (content item message)Checked

Content Selection URLBlank

Icon URL (within show more...)

IMS LTI Assignment and Grade ServicesUse this service for grade sync and column management

IMS LTI Names and Role ProvisioningUse this service to retrieve members' information as per privacy settings

Tool SettingsUse this service

Share launcher's name with toolAlways

Share launcher's email with toolAlways

Accept graders from the toolAs specified in Deep Linking definition or Delegate to teacher

Force SSLUnchecked

Sub-table for location-based server domains:

TAQAS (all locations)
Australia (production)
Canada (production)
UK (production)
US (production)

  • Select Save to confirm 

3: Note Tool Configuration details

  • On the new PebblePad LTI 1.3 tile, select the list icon (top right)
  • From the pop-up modal, copy the tool details
  • Download our Moodle Integration Data file (.csv)
  • Paste the information into the spreadsheet and save. We'll explain how to share this with us at the end of Stage 3

Stage 3: API set-up >