Our Moodle Integration documentation will guide you through the process of integrating your Moodle and PebblePad installations using LTI 1.3.


What it does

Our Moodle to PebblePad LTI integration provides the 4 pieces of core functionality:

1. Single Sign-On (from Moodle to PebblePad)

  • With Role Recognition - Students go directly to Pebble+, Assessors to the linked ATLAS workspace

2. Enrolment synchronisation 

  • Course users enrolled into ATLAS with equivalent permissions
  • Synchronises Moodle course members with an ATLAS workspace

3. Grade synchronisation 

  • Pass back of grades from PebblePad to the Moodle course.

4. Direct Resource linking

  • Link straight to a PebblePad resource from a Moodle page
  • Associate a PebblePad resource to an assignment link (with auto-submit optional)


How to set up

To safely ensure the Moodle integration operates correctly, we support you to set up first on our staging environment, known as TAQAS (see Notes below). There are 4 stages to work through:

Once fully installed, tested and confirmed as operational, we will support you to move to your live PebblePad. You'll repeat the same 4 steps as before, this time on your production install.

How to get started

Integrating Moodle with PebblePad is not fully self-serve and will require support from a PebblePad Implementation Engineer. We will work with you to schedule the project and communicate with your nominated lead contact.

To initiate a new integration (including migration from a previous LTI version):

We'll reply with a form to ask further details. Please complete & return.

Once begun, we'll provide you access to an Integration Journey Planner which lists the required tasks along with details of who they are assigned to - PebblePad Staff or members of your own team.


The person setting-up the Moodle integration must have:

  • Administrative permissions in Moodle (with masquerading permission for API calls to be made on behalf of specific users).

  • Global Administrator permissions in PebblePad.


  • If you do not have a staging (TAQAS) PebblePad install, this will be organised by the assigned PebblePad Implementation Engineer.

  • Where we are requested to grant any new user global administrator permissions, this must be approved either by an existing global administrator or your PebblePad Account Owner.

Known Issues

There are currently no known issues affecting this integration.