Where the PebblePad Blackboard Building Block (BbBB) LTI 1.1 integration is already activate on a Blackboard Learn install, the PebblePad LTI 1.3 integration will be an additional tool running in parallel.


  • Blackboard courses with existing links using BbBB will not be migrated or upgraded by adding LTI 1.3. This requires a manual process (outlined below).

  • Both versions will be available until BbBB is deactivated by a Blackboard Administrator in the Blackboard administration area - to leave only LTI 1.3 activated.


To support the transition from BbBB to exclusively use LTI 1.3, this guide describes:


Considerations for moving to LTI 1.3


LTI 1.3 offers several additional benefits over BbBB. However, it’s only necessary to move links in a workspace to LTI 1.3 when the course is still actively in use. 

A Blackboard course with an LTI PebblePad assignment is linked to a corresponding ATLAS workspace. This content item provides ongoing:

  • Synchronisation of accounts – from Blackboard course to ATLAS workspace
  • Synchronisation of grades – from ATLAS workspace to Blackboard course 


It's not necessary to move BbBB links to LTI 1.3 for archived courses, unless future synchronisation is needed. If so, follow the guide below.

Meanwhile, to gradually transition away from using BbBB, all new courses can use LTI 1.3 from the start.

 Deleting a BbBB content item from the Blackboard course will:

  • Delete only the direct link from Blackboard course to ATLAS workspace
  • Stop ongoing synchronisation of accounts
  • Stop ongoing synchronisation of grades


 Deleting the BbBB content item from the Blackboard course will not delete:

  • the ATLAS workspace
  • submissions in the ATLAS workspace
  • existing users enrolled to the ATLAS workspace
  • existing grades given in the ATLAS workspace, 
  • existing grades released and synced to the Blackboard course Gradebook


Students will continue to be able to access their work via the Pebble+ dashboard and Asset Store. If the ATLAS workspace assignment is yet to reach its deadline, they can continue to submit work, or update existing submissions.

With the direct link deleted from the Blackboard course, Instructors can navigate to the ATLAS workspace by navigating via the ATLAS dashboard.


How to move a course to LTI 1.3

This process requires the creation of a second (new) ATLAS workspace to be linked to the Blackboard course via LTI 1.3. Submissions can then be manually moved from the first (BbBB) workspace, and the grades re-synchronised to the Blackboard course.



To complete this process, follow these 6 steps:


If the course/workspace has multiple assignments, steps 1-6 should be completed for each assignment.


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1: Add a new PebblePad assignment (LTI 1.3) content item

  • Using the + (plus) icon, choose Content Market from the dropdown
  • From the PebblePad and ATLAS LTI 1.3 tile, select the + (plus) icon (bottom right) 
  • With the link added, select the … (3 dot) menu, and Edit from the dropdown
  • In the sidebar, change the title of the assignment (append to distinguish it from the BbBB version)
  • Make Visible to students using the dropdown
  • Tick to Create Gradebook entry for this item
  • Set the Points to 100
  • Save

For a thorough explanation, follow the Add a PebblePad assignment guide

  • On the page, select the assignment title to open ATLAS in a new tab window
  • From the options, select Choose an existing workspace to copy settings and other components from
  • In the dropdown, choose the first ATLAS workspace (the title will usually match that of the Blackboard course)
  • Amend the new (second) workspace title to distinguish it (e.g. append with LTI 1.3 or V2)
  • Tick to copy Settings, Feedback Settings and Resources only.

Do not copy Assignments, Members, Managers or Sets – these will be handled by the LTI integration.


External accounts can be copied to the new workspace. However, any individual shares students have made with external accounts will be lost and need to be re-established once set-up of the new workspace is set-up.


  • Choose Active Mode
  • Select the Finish button

3: Move submissions from the first workspace to the second

  • From the second workspace, select the PebblePad icon (top menu bar) to navigate to the ATLAS dashboard
  • In the Workspaces I’m managing widget, find and select the first workspace
  • On the submissions page, tick to select all submissions in the assignment


All feedback and grades will need to be released before continuing. To do so:
- Manage Feedback button
- Choose Release all feedback, and Continue 
- Any unreleased feedback will be released.

  • In the sub-menu, select the Manage Submissions button
  • Choose the option Move to another workspace
  • Select the second workspace from the dropdown menu
  • Leave unticked Also keep a version in the original location
  • Click Continue
  • Tick to confirm the approval notice, and Continue button
  • Returning to the submission page, the submissions will have been moved to the second workspace.

4: Re-synchronise grades from the second workspace to the Blackboard Gradebook

  • From the first workspace, select the PebblePad icon (top menu bar) to navigate to the ATLAS dashboard
  • Find the second workspace from the Workspaces I’m managing widget and select to open
  • On the Submissions page, tick to select all submissions in the assignment
  • Select the Manage Feedback button
  • Choose Recall previously released feedback from the authors
  • And choose All released feedback
  • Select the Continue button
  • Tick the Grades option
  • Select the Recall Feedback button
  • The recall will be confirmed. Select the Continue button.


  • From the submissions page again, repeat to select all submissions
  • Select the Manage Feedback button
  • Choose Release Feedback to the authors and Continue
  • Tick Grades
  • Select Release Feedback button
  • The recall will be confirmed. Select the Continue button.


  • Switching to Blackboard, navigate to the course’s Gradebook
  • A new column for the second assignment will be listed and the grades synced


5: Archive the first workspace (optional)

  • In the Blackboard course, navigate to the first ATLAS workspace using the assignment link
  • From the sub menu, choose Management
  • Choose the Archive button (top right)
  • Tick to confirm the statement and Continue


Archived workspaces are not deleted and can be unarchived if required at a future date if required.

6: Delete the PebblePad BbBB assignment

  • In the Blackboard course, navigate to the first assignment link
  • Select the … (3 dot) menu and choose Delete from the dropdown
  • Tick to approve the statement and choose the Delete button