This guide covers how to associate a PebblePad resource with a Blackboard assignment to direct students towards a template or workbook to complete.


What is this?

PebblePad Resource Store

To simplify the process for students, a PebblePad assignment link can bypass the Pebble+ dashboard and open directly into a specified resource.

Instructors can specify which resource to associate with the assignment. This can be one of the many standard PebblePad resources (available to all), or a custom-built resource made by you or a collaborator.

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How To Set-up

Before proceeding, first complete: Add A PebblePad Assignment

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Requires the user to be enrolled as an Instructor or Course Builder on the Blackboard course.

1. Open ATLAS

From the Blackboard course, select the title of the assignment to link a resource. PebblePad ATLAS will open in a new tab window.

2. Open Resources 

From the ATLAS workspace, select the Resources menu (top bar). 

Choose the Add A Resource (folder icon) from the panel beneath.

3. Choose a Resource

Use the sub-menu to filter to find the resource. 

Choose the Select Item button.

Resources (templates and workbooks) should be created in advance and made available to the person completing this set-up process.

Find the panel asking Make this resource the destination for LTI links?. 

Choose Yes,  

From the dropdown, select which assignment to link this resource with. 

Save the page to confirm.

Only one resource can be linked to an assignment at a time. To switch resources, remove the current associated resource before adding a new one.

Student View

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Requires the user to be enrolled as a Student on the Blackboard course.

1. Open the PebblePad Resource

From the Blackboard course, select the assignment title and choose the Launch button. Pebble+ will open directly into the linked PebblePad resource.

2. Save the Resource (as an asset)

Type a title in the Save As... field and select the Save button

3. Find in Asset Store

Use the Burger menu to open the Asset Store. The new template is saved here.

Resources set to single-use will not allow students to create multiple copies of a template, and will redirect them back to their first saved version in their Asset Store.