This guide covers how to add a PebblePad assignment to a Blackboard course.


What is this?

A Blackboard course with a PebblePad assignment

Adding a PebblePad assignment within a Blackboard course gives students the option to use PebblePad's creative tools (portfolios, blogs, collections) or structured resources (templates, workbooks) to complete their work.

In addition, Instructors can use PebblePad's ATLAS assessment tools to provide feedback and grades on any submitted work - as well as co-author submissions where required.

With a PebblePad assignment added to the Blackboard course, it automatically provides:

  • Enrolment sync - the Blackboard course roster matched to the ATLAS workspace
  • Single Sign-On - Students directed to Pebble+ / Instructors directed to ATLAS workspace
  • Grade sync - grades given in ATLAS workspace automatically passed back to Blackboard Gradebook

This guide covers only the set-up of a PebblePad assignment and does not include direct linking the assignment to a PebblePad resource, or auto-submitting to the ATLAS workspace. For more on these, please see:

Add Resource to Assignment
Auto-submit a Resource

How To Set-up

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Requires the user to be enrolled as an Instructor or Course Builder on the Blackboard course.

1. Add Content Item

Select the + (plus) icon and choose Content Market from the dropdown menu.

From the PebblePad and ATLAS via LTI 1.3 tile, select the + icon in the bottom right corner.

It's important not to select the title itself, as this will run the creation wizard process but will not add an assignment to the Blackboard course.

3. Adjust Assignment settings

From the course page, select the 3 dot (...) menu, and choose Edit from the dropdown.

Retitle the assignment.

Mark to be Visible to Students from the dropdown menu.

Tick Create gradebook entry for this item.

Adjust maximum points to 100.

Save to confirm.

At this stage, you should also set the correct due dates and include an informative explanation for students in the description area.

4. Create ATLAS workspace

Select the assignment title to open the ATLAS set-up wizard. 

The ATLAS workspace title will be match the Blackboard course.

Set to Active mode.

Select the Finish button.

Close the ATLAS browser tab to return to Blackboard.

The Blackboard course roster will be synchronised to the ATLAS workspace, with roles matching as below.

AdministratorInstructorLead Tutor
InstructorInstructorLead Tutor
Teaching AssistantTeaching AssistantTutor
Content DeveloperContent DeveloperTutor

The above process will create a corresponding ATLAS workspace which the Blackboard course is linked to, and a PebblePad assignment within the ATLAS workspace.

Student View

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Requires the user to be enrolled as a Student on the Blackboard course.

1. Open PebblePad

Select the assignment title to open the sidebar, and choose the Launch button to open PebblePad.

The link uses role recognition to detect a student user and direct them towards Pebble+.

2. Navigate Pebble+

Landing on the Pebble+ dashboard, you have full access to Get Creative or custom templates and resources.

Also see:
Add Resource to an assignment
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Instructor View

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Requires the user to be enrolled as an Instructor, Course Builder or Teaching Assistant on the Blackboard course.

1. Open PebblePad

Select the assignment title to open PebblePad in a new tab window.

The link uses role recognition to direct the user straight to the linked ATLAS workspace.

2. Navigate ATLAS workspace

Use the workspace's menu to access submissions, enrolments and settings.

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