This guide covers the full end-to-end test of a Blackboard integration with PebblePad.

  • Single Sign-On (from Blackboard to PebblePad)
  • Enrolment Synchronisation
  • Grade Synchronisation
  • Direct linking (from Blackboard course to PebblePad resource)


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1. A new Blackboard course. 
2. Test accounts enrolled as Instructors and Learners

Steps 1-6 
Test single sign-on and enrolment synchronisation 

1: Access the Blackboard course

Login to Blackboard using an account with an Instructor role (or higher). Go to the prepared Blackboard course (see prerequisites).

2: Add new Content Item

Go to the course’s + (plus) icon to add a new item. Choose Content Market from the dropdown menu.

3: Add new PebblePad tool

From the PebblePad and ATLAS via LTI 1.3 tile, select the + (plus) icon - not the tile itself

4: Edit the assignment settings

Select the assignment’s ... 3 dot menu and choose Edit from the dropdown menu:

  1. Rename the title [e.g. My First Assignment]
  2. Change the dropdown menu to be Visible to Students
  3. Tick Create gradebook entry for this item
  4. Save settings

Rename the assignment before proceeding, in order for the course and assignment titles to match when synced to ATLAS.

This new assignment will be used to create and link to a new ATLAS workspace - which will contain the new (linked) ATLAS assignment:

  1. Select the [My First Assignment] title to open ATLAS

  2. Select the Create a brand new workspace option and press the Continue button

  3. Select Active Mode option

  4. Select the Finish button

The ATLAS workspace title will be populated from the Blackboard Course title. It can be changed during set-up if required.
The Manager and Member tabs indicate which accounts will be synced into the new ATLAS workspace. Note the usernames are as required.

6: Confirm enrolment synchronisation 

Confirm all active accounts in the Blackboard course have synchronised over to the linked ATLAS workspace.

  1. Choose the Members option from the top menu.
  2. Choose the User Group (Synchronised) option from the sub menu. Synced accounts will be listed
  3. Choose the Managers option from the top menu. Synced accounts will be listed

Users are enrolled to an ATLAS Workspace based on the permissions of their Blackboard course enrolment. 

AdministratorInstructorLead Tutor
InstructorInstructorLead Tutor
Teaching AssistantTeaching AssistantTutor
Content DeveloperContent DeveloperTutor

Steps 7-10 
Test grade synchronisation 

7: Login as a Student

Login to the test student account to check the assignment is linked correctly to the Blackboard course.

  1. Access the Blackboard course
  2. Choose the [My First Assignment] link to open the sidebar
  3. Select the Launch button to open Pebble+.

The assignment's Launch button uses role recognition with student accounts directed to Pebble+ when the button is selected.

8: Submit a student assignment

To test the grade synchronisation from the ATLAS workspace back to the Blackboard course's gradebook, it's necessary to submit a student assignment to ATLAS for it to be graded.

  1. Choose Assets from the Pebble+ dashboard
  2. Select the icon of the Asset to submit for grading*
  3. Select the I want to... button and choose Share
  4. From the pop-up modal, choose With ATLAS
  5. Follow the options to choose the correct workspace (and assignment)
  6. Finish by selecting the share asset button
  7. Scroll down the sidebar to see confirmation the asset has been shared.

*This assumes an asset has been pre-prepared. If this has not yet been done, create a new asset to be submitted.

9: Login as an Instructor

To finish testing the grade synchronisation from the ATLAS workspace back to the Blackboard course's grade book, login to Blackboard as an Instructor:

  1. Access the Blackboard course
  2. Choose the [My First Assignment] link to open Pebble+.

The assignment's link uses role recognition, with Instructor & Teacher accounts directed to the ATLAS workspace when the link is selected.

10: Grade submission

Open the submission submitted in step 8 and give it a grade.

  1. Select the Submission option
  2. Select the title of the submission to open in the ATLAS Submission Viewer (a new tab window)
  3. In the feedback sidebar, select the I want to... button 
  4. Choose Add Grade from the list
  5. Add a (numeric) grade into the text area
  6. Select the Save & Release button - confirmation will appear beneath once saved.
  7. Return to Blackboard and navigate to the course's Gradebook
  8. The grade will be passed into the grade book column for the associated student

Grades recalled or deleted in ATLAS will not recall or delete the grade in Blackboard.

Steps 11-12
Test direct resource linking 

Login with an Instructor account and go into a course, select the + (plus) icon and choose Content Market from the dropdown.

  1. Select the PebblePad Resource Link via LTI 1.3 tile
  2. With the PebblePad Resource Store open, choose a resource from the list.
  3. Close the tab window to return to Blackboard
  4. Close the Tools panel
  5. Refresh the page using the browser's tools

12: As a student, open the resource

Login to the test student account to check the direct link to the PebblePad resource from the Blackboard course.

  1. Go to course and click into [course resource] title
  2. Pebble+ will open in a new tab window directly into the resource
  3. Add a title and save the asset
  4. The asset will be saved in the user's Asset Store

This confirms direct linking to PebblePad resources from a Blackboard course is tested and working.

This completes the end-to-end test of your Blackboard to PebblePad LTI integration.