This guide covers how to share sensitive information with the Pebble Customer Support team using PebblePad


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1: Upload the file

From the Pebble+ dashboard, select the Upload New tile. Find the file from your device and select. Press confirm upload button to complete the process.

2: Go to Asset Store

From the Pebble+ dashboard, select the Assets link to go to your Asset Store.

3: Select & Share

Find the uploaded file in your store. Tick the icon (to the left) to select the file. From the I want to... button choose Share > With People.

4: Search Address Book

Type to begin to search for PebblePad Support. When available, select Look for other PebblePad users to expand the search criteria. 

First name - PebblePad

Surname - Support

Email - 

If searching for PebblePad Support for a second time, the account will be saved to your address book and available to select.

5: Add message

Type a message to tell the PebblePad Support team why this asset is being shared. If you already have a Ticket # issued, include details.

6: Share Asset

Press the Share Asset button to complete the process.