This guide covers how to add the PebblePad app to a Canvas admin area. 


Open video full screen 

1: Access Settings

From the Admin submenu, select Settings.

2: Select Apps tab

From the tab options across the top of the page, select Apps

3: View App Configurations

Select the View Configurations button.

4: Add App

Select the +App button.

5: Add By Client ID

From the configuration type dropdown menu, select By Client ID

6: Confirm App Install

Use the Client ID (obtained during stage 1 of the set-up) and paste into the Client ID text area.

7: Obtain Deployment ID

  • From the settings cog of the PebblePad tool, select Deployment ID from the menu.
  • Copy the whole Deployment ID (the complete line of text). 
  • Download our Canvas Integration Data file (.csv)
  • Paste the Deployment ID into the spreadsheet and save. We'll explain how to share this with us at the end of Stage 3.

Stage 3 - Set-up Membership & Grade API >