This guide covers the first stage of how to set up Blackboard with a new REST API for the PebblePad integration.


The installation of this integration is not fully self-serve and requires the assistance of a PebblePad Implementation Engineer. Before starting, please read the overview page and make contact with the PebblePad Helpdesk to schedule a co-ordinated project. Starting unassisted may risk breaking an existing integration and/or delays in support.

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The API requires authentication from a user account with an administrator role. It is advisable to use a dedicated ‘Service Account’ and not a person's actual account. This will provide adequate security and ensure consistency of service, unaffected by people moving or leaving jobs.

Follow Blackboard docs to add a new admin user account

1: Open Admin Tools

Login to Blackboard with the dedicated Service Account. Locate and select the Admin section in the (left hand) main menu to open Administrator Tools.

2: Go to REST API Integrations

Navigate to the Integrations section, and select REST API Integrations 

3: Create new integration

Select the Create Integration link (top left)

4: Add Application ID

Complete the fields on the page, choosing the correct information for territory.

- TAQAS (all locations) 0cb2bc8d-d95d-42e9-b7d4-46f5a75cfa53
- Australia (production)0c9e75ff-43f5-4310-ba40-cc7ea8c77053
- Canada (production)67da58b7-560f-42cc-b4cb-f6b63895a0df
- UK (production)b5c590ab-2696-4695-955e-a7e11bf6b7d3
- US (production)be6a04a2-ab5f-4ca6-ba65-95f8ed5256f0

Learn UserClick the Browse button and search through the list of Blackboard users to find the user that the integration should act as. Typically, an integration acts as Administrator or some other user created for integration management. Ideally, the user has only the permissions that the integration needs to function properly (see table beneath)
End User AccessSet to YES. End users will sign in with their own Blackboard ID to use the integration. Each user's access is then limited to his or her own permissions. If you set End User Access to No, the integration always has access as if it were the Blackboard user indicated on the form.
Authorise to Act As UserSet to Service Default - NO

The permissions the user will require at minimum are:

Administrator Panel (Courses) > Courses > Edit > Enrollments
Administrator Panel (Organizations) > Organizations > Edit > Enrollments
Administrator Panel (Users) > Users > Edit > View Course Enrollments
Administrator Panel (Users) > Users > Edit > View Organization Enrollments
Course/Organization > Groups > View All Groups
Course/Organization Control Panel (Grade Center) > Full Control
Course/Organization Control Panel (Users and Groups) > Groups
Course/Organization Control Panel (Users and Groups) > Users

5: Submit to save

  • Select the submit button to save. Return to the REST API overview page and navigate back to your Blackboard dashboard.

Stage 2 - Manage Global Properties >