To allow PebblePad to link with Blackboard Learn we have worked with external experts to create a building block based on the IMS LTI. This ensures a robust integration that means users can work between systems with minimal fuss.

In addition to the IMS based integration we have a bespoke integration that provides a deeper level of integration than can currently be supported with LTI.

The tools support the following integration between the two systems:

  • Single Sign On from Blackboard to PebblePad.
  • PebblePad dashboard module in Blackboard which provides overview information and a launch button to access PebblePad. 
  • Create launch links to Pebble+ and ATLAS from within Blackboard content
  • Create workspaces from a Blackboard course and synchronise membership (includes role details such as tutor and student).
  • Where a workspace is linked to a Blackboard course, grades can be sent to grade book from the workspace.
  • Link directly to templates or workbooks from hyperlinks in Blackboard content.

The following video provides an overview of the integration functionality: 

Blackboard Learn PebblePad Integration

You can download our current Blackboard Integration documentation here: