Connecting with the Profession

Jennifer Masters & Jacqui Patten, PebblePad

Most professional qualification programs are aligned with a set of competencies or professional standards formulated by the relevant national body for that particular occupation. In Australia, this includes medicine, engineering, nursing, teacher education, social work, exercise and sport science, and others. While it is usually mandated that these standards are used for program design for professional qualifications, it is less defined that students in these programs are required to have an in-depth knowledge of the standards to guide their progression through the course and for their professional life in the future.  

The following portfolio is based on a paper delivered at the 2021 Australian ePortfolio Forum and proposes that learning activities and professional requirements should be systematically woven throughout a professional program to raise students’ awareness of the expectations of their chosen profession.  Examples from Nursing and Teacher Education are included as well as a video of the presentation and a link to the full paper.

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