DataIsland allows you to add extra user details into PebblePad from any system capable of exporting data. It achieves this by importing the information from a series of comma separated values split across different files. The data is then held in the DataIsland’s database and queried directly from PebblePad when performing user searches or updating user details.
Files are pushed by you into the DataIsland via our API using OAuth2 for authentication.

Sample PowerShell scripts and CSV files can be provided to aid your development.

Search for users who have not logged in - This feature is as described by the title and will allow you to search for users who have never logged into PebblePad. This can be usefully in a few different situations, for example, It will allow you to share assets and resources with users who have not logged in, the system will provision them an account and send them details on how to access the share.

It will also allow you to add users to a workspace who have not logged in, essentially removing the necessity for you to create the user then add them to the workspace.

Synchronised Groups - This feature is primarily used for ATLAS workspaces and allows synchronised groups to be added to a workspace. The membership for this group is then controlled by generated CSV files.

An example of this would be using an automatic script to pull user details from your student management system and have them hosted in a secure location for us to collect on a predefined schedule and imported into DataIsland. DataIsland will then update all the synchronised groups and in turn, the group memberships on the workspaces those groups are assigned.

The benefit of this is that all of the memberships for the workspaces are controlled automatically by the system and removes the need to constantly update users on different workspaces.