Upon logging in to PebblePad, External Assessors are taken straight to their External Dash which contains all of the workspaces and assets (if shared directly) that they have access to.  

External Assessors who have External accounts from more than one organisation can now merge their accounts so that they can use a single login to access PebblePad and then choose the organisation that they want to view.

The attached tipsheet is aimed at Externals and provides an overview of the External Dash and the option to merge accounts.  

This tipsheet is now linked to the External Dash so that External Assessors can access this information directly.  They just need to click on the blue Help button in the bottom right corner of the Dash.

The same information is also available in the ATLAS Online Help at the following links:

.  You can link to this help using the URL link next to each title and you can create a PDF of the Help by clicking the Custom tab and then selecting the Help pages that you want to PDF.