Portland State University

Student video ....

Michael Egge, Masters Student, talks about his Qualifying Review Portfolio, and the benefits of creating it in PebblePad.

Institute of Technology Tralee

Student videos ....

Katie O'Sullivan, 4th year General Nursing student, discusses how her eportfolio helps demonstrate her competence against speciifc Domains of Competence as outlined by the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland.

Ann Marie Bright and Sarah Landers, Nursing students, discuss how the benefits of using an eportfolio across a whole degree, and beyond into a professional career.

Monash University

Student video ....

Radiography students discuss the benefits of using PebblePad during their studies in the Bachelor of Radiography and Medical Imaging.

University of Sunshine Coast

Digital Futures task .....

This foundational course assists students in developing computer literacy skills needed at University.  The following are responses to a task which requires students to form a group of 2 or 3 peers and produce a short video based on contemporary issues in using digital technologies and  their relationship with university learning and/or future career.

Jess Hodder and Nichole Forrester

Alison Conroy-Doust, Jasmine Tedge and Laura Harris-Brown

Contributions to PebbleBash - Case studies by learners

These case studies are older articles, but we have included some here that still hold relevant messages about what learners have found valuable about PebblePadd, and in particular messages to course designers and teachers about what learners wished they had known when beginning to use PebblePad or advice on introducing it to your cohort.  

“During my three-year degree course I have been able to share and collaborate on work in a group setting, enabling this to happen at a convenient time rather than all having to be available at the same time and location.”

Midwifery, Lizzie MacKay, University of Wolverhampton, UK

“PebblePad has provided a visual representation of my research activity over the last year, giving me an indication of when I have been, and when I am most likely to be productive in my work.”

Pedagogical Research, Lucy Cave, Aston University, UK

“I would advise lecturers (or course designers) who are thinking of using PebblePad to take the time to explain the benefits to their students. For it to be really effective students need to feel the value of using it and have ownership over what they are creating."

Applied Psychology and Sociology, Claire Fellows, University of Surrey, UK

Advice to lecturers – “Integrate the software as a tool or thread that runs over the course of the degree and is part of the process of either submission of work, communication with staff or connected to specific tasks. My experience was one of an isolated piece of software and as enthusiastic as I am, my use of the functions available is limited.”

Psychology, Ann Marie Killeen, University of Wolverhampton, UK

"I really believe that PebblePad has encouraged me to find ways of expressing myself that were far better than words alone."

Creative Expressive Therapies, Ruth Barnsley, University of Derby, UK