Here at PebblePad we are often asked about support materials for learners. Our focus is on ensuring that learners get the best possible Help within Pebble+ right where they are working. This can only be generic tool and functionality based help as it has to be relevant to all learners.  Context specfic help is best provided by the institution where there is an understanding of how and why PebblePad is being used.  We've pulled together some great examples of customers providing top-notch support for their users. 

Plymouth University (UK)

PebblePad Example uses

This page outlines some of the many ways in which students can use PebblePad. 

Printable 'ePortfolios with PebblePad' guide

ePrePP - electronic Preparation for Professional Practice (UK)

Partners - University College Cork, Institute of Technology Tralee, Trinity College Dublin

How do students use eportfolios?

5 steps in the eportfolio journey, and technical tips

Griffith University (Aus)

Support for students

This page contains information for the general student population about PebblePad, including a tip of the month video and links to some student portfolio examples

University of West London, College of Nursing, Midwifery and Healthcare (UK)

Completing your Personal and Professional Development Portfolio

A series of videos that outline the particular task learners will be undertaking with step by step instructions.

University of Edinburgh (UK)

Digital Portfolios

The launching place for information on Why you should use PebblePad, as well as Help and Support, which includes pdf guides and videos

La Trobe University (Aus)

Portfolio - PebblePad information for students 

This portfolio provides new PebblePad users with information about what PebblePad is, some of the purposes for using PebblePad and Help for getting started.


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