The University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University User Group was held in May 2019. Debbie Holmes, PebblePad Implementation Consultant and the day's facilitator, says this about the event:

On the 2nd May 2019 two of our longest running users of PebblePad, The University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University, came together to share good practice in a PebblePad User group - the USSHUUG.  The event was rapidly fully booked for 30 people and Shane Sutherland, our Chief Mischief Maker and CEO of PebblePad, decided to join us for the day.  The two Universities are located in the city of Sheffield and are spread across the city but are within walking distance of each other, making coming together for lunch and an afternoon of presentations an easy option. Our thanks go to Ian Glover from Sheffield Hallam University and Pete Mella  from the University of Sheffield who organised the day.

The presentations were excellent, allowing even users from the same institution to see what others were doing with PebblePad, questions were answered and connections made for further meetings.  Two of the presenters came to our Special Interest Groups in Birmingham on 10th July and presented to our wider community. We hope to repeat this  annually.

Click on the image to access a page containing summaries and links to presentation slides.

Presentations included:

  • Dr Emma Gregory - Speech and language therapy - University of Sheffield
  • Dr Richard Pountney - Education - Sheffield Hallam University
  • Daniel Villalba - Politics/Sociological Studies - University of Sheffield
  • Jo Daley - Computing - Sheffield Hallam University
  • Simon Warwick - Management School - University of Sheffield
  • Nicola Aberdein - Biosciences Apprenticeships - Sheffield Hallam University
  • Shane Sutherland, CEO, PebblePad