Frequently Asked Questions

Can I reorder pages in a live resource?
It is possible to reorder pages on the same level of nesting within a live resource without affecting pre-existing user responses. You can find instruct...
Thu, 11 Jun, 2020 at 3:47 PM
Why has my feedback been recalled?
When feedback on an asset is recalled the asset owner receives a notification via email and Pebble+ to let them know it has been recalled and is no longer v...
Thu, 25 Jun, 2020 at 4:51 PM
What does 'Removed by asset owner' mean?
If your asset Status (found within the asset information sidebar under Shared for assessment) is showing 'Removed by asset owner', this means that...
Wed, 1 Jul, 2020 at 3:42 PM
As a Student how do I share with an External Assessor?
You can find instructions on how to share with an External Assessor in our in-depth help section here.
Wed, 1 Jul, 2020 at 4:16 PM
As a Tutor How Do I add Progress Tracking to a Resource?
To add progress tracking to a Resource; Open the Resource in edit mode Open the Properties side panel Select the WORKBOOK heading Browse to the Progr...
Wed, 8 Jul, 2020 at 4:51 PM

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