“The  applicability  of  the  Toolkit  is  not  restricted  to  just  those  institutions  who  are  new  to  implementation. It can be adapted to work where previous practice has developed organically and where original implementation has been less structured.”

Victoria Curry, Dan Metcalfe, & Emma Purnell, Academic Support, Technology & Innovation, Plymouth University, UK (2016)

Theme: Implementation

Proposing the use of Agile Project Methodology approaches to improve eportfolio design

"The essence of the approach we adopt is to place the students, indeed all stakeholders, very much as partners in the project rather than subjects of an experiment or simply recipients of knowledge."

Patrick Lynch & Persefoni Stylianoudaki, Learning Enhancement & Academic Practice, The University of Hull, UK (2016)

Theme: Implementation

Towards an eportfolio culture: One institution’s journey

“We have learned that we need a clear process for on-boarding new projects using eportfolios and PebblePad. Learning new software and changing pedagogical practice is challenging. Acquiring a platform is not the end of this journey.”

Candyce Reynolds, Educational Leadership and Policy, Portland State University, US and Melissa Pirie, School of Business Administration, Portland State University, US (2016)

Theme: Implementation

Implementation of an ePortfolio Early Adopter Phase: Processes and outcomes

“Showcasing eportfolio use in the Early Adopter Phase has generated further interest and improved understanding of eportfolio value across other programs. Implementation at both an undergraduate and postgraduate level provides deeper understanding of potential enablers and barriers through highlighting the individual nature and needs of different programs.”

Christine Slade & Keith Murfin, Centre for the Support and Advancement of Learning and Teaching, University of the Sunshine Coast, AU (2014)

Themes:  Implementation, Student Engagement

ePortfolio competitions: Everyone's a winner

"Surprisingly the entries were diverse and not always from the students who had scored the highest in their PebblePad assessments but from those who valued the personal growth it allowed them."

Jacqueline Patten, Centre for Learning and Development, Edith Cowan University, AU (2014)

Themes: Student Engagement

PebblePad features: Portfolios

PebblePad: Enhancing learning delivery by extending the capability of existing educational technologies.

“The use of PebblePad offers staff the ability to provide meaningful, targeted feedback to students and to more closely engage with the key learning activities of their units. The ability to link meaningful study experiences to an eportfolio provides an additional dimension to the purpose of the activity such as research (with reflections), with the inherent benefit that the material extends beyond its initial purpose and serves as part of the student’s resume.”

Ross Yates, Centre for Learning and Development, Edith Cowan University, AU (2014)

Theme: Implementation

The short and the long of it: Sustaining workbooks from three weeks to three years

"The  atypical  nature  of  the  assessment  workflow  for  an  eportfolio  demands  close  attention  to administration. Students who are used to submitting completed assignments to the LMS have difficulty  with  the  early,  pre-completion  submission  of  their  templates  and  the  resulting  real-time ‘window’ on their portfolio development. The concept of submission before work has been completed  is  entirely  foreign  to  students  and  they  are  reluctant  to  allow  supervisory  staff  to see unfinished work."

Susan Atkinson, Mark Henderson, Jo Lockwood & Ruth Weeks, Sydney eLearning, University of Sydney, AU (2014)

Themes: Implementation, Feedback, Reflection, Placement, Research Supervision

PebblePad features: Workbooks

Four fab ideas - including marking on iPads and the 'why?' question

"This snapshot of some of the recent PebblePad-linked projects illustrates the diversity of areas which can benefit from using the system. It also demonstrates how flexible the system can be when coping with tasks that normally belong to the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) area (assignment collection)."

Robert Chmielewski, University of Edinburgh, UK (2012)

Themes: eAssessment, Placement, Graduate Attributes

PebblePad features: Portfolios, Activity Logs

Empowering PebblePad users through a University wide support forum

"Students and staff working together in an online, asynchronous support forum can share the workload and support the different needs of students. Students acting as peer mentors learn again as they teach and extend their knowledge of PebblePad use."

Sandra J Stewart and Alissa Haddad, Charles Sturt University, AU (2012)

Themes: Implementation, Student Engagement 

Introducing PebblePad: Eight stories from tutors

"This document includes 8 stories of PebblePad implementations. Each story is different, each case was different and each time students produced different types of assets."

Robert Chmielewski, University of Edinburgh, UK (2010)

Theme: Implementation

To view this case study, access the Robert Chmielewski attachment at the bottom of this page

PebblePad implementation: You DO need to walk before you can run

"PebblePad offers an opportunity to positively transform the learning environment. As with any change, this requires the commitment, development and support of all stakeholders."

Margaret Faulkner, University of South Australia, AU (2010)

Themes: Implementation, Graduate Attributes

To view this case study, access the Margaret Faulkner attachment at the bottom of this page

Developing an eportfolio pedagogy for small and medium-sized enterprises

"The pedagogy developed needs to take …into account the different and varied learning needs of employer and learner and also provide a cost-effective, sustainable and scalable learning opportunity."

Alison Felce and Emma Purnell, The Institute for Learning Enhancement, The University of Wolverhampton, UK (2010)

Themes: Implementation, Work Integrated Learning

To view this case study, access the Alison Felce attachment at the bottom of this page

Let every flower bloom – an organic approach to introducing PebblePad

Alan White,  Northumbria University, UK (2010)

"As part of the roll-out, each school was invited to identify a champion or champions who would act as the focal point within the school for the initiative."

Theme: Implementation

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