Taking their skills with them: Seeking to find out whether eportfolio skills transfer from degree programs to the classroom

"The ePortfolio provided an excellent platform for reflection and I enjoyed the overall process. The learning was fabulous and I have shared many thoughts and moments with colleagues at work."

Jennifer Munday, School of Education, Charles Sturt University, Australia (2014)

Themes: Reflection, Graduate Attributes, Professional Development

PebblePad feature: Portfolios

An eportfolio environment to enhance reflection in pre-service teachers: What worked, what didn't and why?

"Environments such as PebblePad offer the opportunity to facilitate learning environments to students by allowing the provision of scaffolded tasks within the platform"

Pauline Roberts, Faculty of Education, Murdoch University, Australia (2014)

Themes: Reflection, Implementation, Student Engagement

PebblePad features: Portfolios, Blogs

Practicums, philosophies and learning design

"Our plan in the curriculum redesign was to try to give them the necessary scaffolding so that they could make sense of their practical placement and also their pre-existing notions of education."

Lilian Austin, Faculty of Education, La Trobe University, Australia (2014)

Themes: Implementation, Placement

PebblePad Features: Portfolios, Blogs

Moving paper based reflective practice to a sustainable future

"La Trobe University’s five year ‘Future Ready’ strategic plan has ‘bold ambitions’ ...Graduates will be ‘work ready’, ‘world ready’ and ‘future ready’"

Kymberley Barbary, School of Education, La Trobe University, Australia (2014)

Themes: Graduate Attributes, Reflection, Placement, Feedback

PebblePad feature: Workbooks

Educators at the core of lifelong learning

“…there was a need to identify “gaps” in tutors own knowledge… provide new training opportunities associated with professional development, support the development of the “gaps” through supportive learning observations and start the tutors themselves on their own, lifelong journey.”

Lucy Stone, E-Learning and Resource Development, the Amateur Swimming Association, UK (2014)

Themes: Professional Development, Self Assessment

PebblePad feature: Workbooks

“It forces me to reflect and reconsider what I thought I knew... and I was enjoying it!” Reframing CPD as dialogic blogging.

"The blogging activities not only allowed reflection and discussion on the issues at hand, but through their use I (Gavin) had to consider the nature of how I was learning, and how best to present material so that the others in the group might engage with it successfully"

Julie Hughes and Gavin Rhoades, School for Education Futures, University of Wolverhampton, UK (2012)

Themes: Reflection, Professional Development

PebblePad feature: Blogs

Drivers and barriers to using eportfolios as a newly qualified teacher

"While it has been argued that highly ‘personalised’ eportfolios with strong personal ownership make them more robust to use across work/life contexts, it can also make their assimilation into institutional objectives more challenging."

Elisabeth Barratt Hacking, Dr Susan Martin, Geraldine Jones, and Peter Webber, Department of Education, University of Bath, UK (2012)

Themes: Professional Development, Competencies / Standards, Transition

PebblePad features: Portfolios, Templates

A music teacher’s development – documenting the journey for accreditation

"Our project’s journey (with various roadblocks, challenges and constraints of the development of eportfolios through PebblePad) became a form of curriculum evaluation. This is a necessary evil as it usually closes more doors than it opens but in our experience it provided a pathway to a reinterpretation of the degree program."

Jennifer Rowley, Peter Dunbar-Hall, Madeleine Bell, and John Taylor, Sydney Conservatorium of Music, University of Sydney, AUS (2012)

Themes: Competencies / Standards, Accreditation, Reflection

PebblePad features: Templates, Portfolios

Student Case Study

"Since using PebblePad I have developed a better understanding of how I learn through recording and reflecting upon my learning process."

Sandra Stewart 

Themes: Reflection, Student Engagement, Independent Learning

Developing the use of eportfolios to support the reflective learning process in early primary Initial Teacher Education.

“Embedding opportunities for students to use PebblePad in assessed modules and removing the optional element has helped to encourage initial engagement and will hopefully foster longer term independent use.”

Kevin Ardron, Northumbria University, UK (2010)

Themes: Reflection, Competencies / Standards, eAssessment

PebblePad features: Portfolios

From an eportfolio to a PLS: Integrating an eportfolio into a Post Graduate Certificate in Learning & Teaching in HE.

"We felt that PebblePad had the potential to increase communication between tutors and learners, particularly formative feedback."

Sarah Chesney, University of Cumbria, UK (2010)

Themes: Reflection, eAssessment, Feedback

PebblePad feature: Portfolios

From little things, big things grow: The organic propagation of PebblePad projects in the Faculty of Education, La Trobe University.

"While we often assume that large-scale projects with generous funding stand the most chance of success, this  case study has shown that cycles of modest but persistent achievement can also provide positive outcomes."

Jenny Masters, Lilian Austin & Lyn Doolan, La Trobe University, Australia (2010)

ThemesReflection, Implementation

PebblePad featuresPortfolios

Embedding eportfolios into an undergraduate degree program.

"We’ve … learned about the power of allowing students to reflect on both informal and formal learning and the seen impact of this on their understanding of themselves as learners, and also on their confidence in student practicums."

Jenni Munday, Charles Sturt University, Australia (2010)

ThemesReflection, Independent Learning, Graduate Attributes

PebblePad featurePortfolios

Teacher eportfolio Project for Northern Ireland – a multi agency approach to teacher lifelong learning

"Beginning Teachers and their tutors were exceptionally positive about the benefits of eportfolio-based professional development and viewed the tools as making a valuable contribution to their Induction and Early Professional Development (EPD) activities."

Gillian Stewart, Belfast Education and Library Board, Ireland, Dr Victor McNair, School of Education, University of Ulster, Ireland (2010)

Themes: Reflection, Accreditation, Professional Development

Lost in Reflection. How SSPAL students use ‘forms’ to find their way.

“This module has shown that student assumptions and staff assumptions can be two different things, even though they were aiming for the same results. Any reflective writing or practice in any form needs to be supported with constant feedback, even more so when placed online."

Paul Towers, School of Sports, Performing Arts and Leisure, University of Wolverhampton, UK (20120)

Themes: Placement, Reflection, Student Engagement

PebblePad features: Templates, Blogs

It’s more than an eportfolio: Using PebblePad for online submission and assessment

"It was essential to work in collaboration with specialists and closely with my peer who would be assessing the submitted coursework also and who was knowledgeable about the extended functions available to PebblePad system administrators."

Louise Wilson, Centre for the Study of Higher Education, Coventry University, UK (2012)

Themes: eAssessment, Professional Development, Streamlining Processes

PebblePad features: Action Plans, Blogs, Portfolios

Assessment of and for learning in Primary PGCE ICT Initial Teacher Training at the University of Worcester

"From a trainer perspective, the opportunity to have media rich content,  dynamically hyper-linked with narrative and reflective commentary has brought a greater clarity of insight and understanding into emerging professional’s practice and in turn, informed my teaching."

Moira Savage, Institute of Education, University of Worcester, UK (2010)

Themes: Steamlining Processes, eAssessment, Reflection

PebblePad features: Portfolios, Peer Review

Using electronic portfolios to demonstrate achievement of professional standards in Initial Teacher Training (ITT): Effective and efficient?

“Another new practice recently implemented was the use of eportfolios to enhance the job application process, a practice that has been highly praised by many local head teachers. Trainees create their own mini portfolio, showcasing their key achievements, make it available online and share the link with the head teacher in their job application.”

Helen Bird, School of Childhood and Education, University College Birmingham, UK (2010)

Themes: Competencies / Standards, Steamlining Processes

PebblePad feature: Portfolios

ePortfolios for developing trainee teachers’ professional learning though reflection

"For us the introduction of an eportfolio system was an evolutionary process which required time to adapt existing practices and adopt new ones. This can be demanding for tutors who are typically time poor."

Geraldine Jones, Department of Education, University of Bath, UK (2010)

Themes: Reflection, Competencies / Standards, Streamlining Processes

PebblePad features: Portfolios, Blogs, Templates

Embedding eportfolios in an introductory educational technology subject

"Nearly all students found PebblePad easy to use and could easily see the multitude of uses in their new teaching careers – both as a teacher for themselves, and for their students as a tool for teaching and learning."

Jacquie Tinkler, School of Education , Charles Sturt University, AUS (2010)

Themes: Reflection, Digital Literacy

PebblePad features: Action Plans, Portfolios

Dual learning experience: An academic studying and learning through the PebblePad environment

“The  functionality  of  PebblePad  allows  non-linear  work  processes  and  thought  patterns to  flourish,  and  are  perhaps  even  favoured: this  can  allow  more  creative  processes  and assist in producing more innovative work.”

Trisha Poole, Faculty of Education, Charles Sturt University, AUS (2010)

Themes: Professional Development, Digital Literacy, eAssessment

PebblePad features: Portfolios, Blogs