Employability across the curriculum - a university wide approach to ePortfolios

Heather Pate and Katrina Strampel, Edith Cowan University

At Edith Cowan University, our challenge has been to find meaningful ways to improve student employability upon graduation. While students might succeed once they enter the workforce, we were finding that our students were struggling to gain employment on graduation. We theorised that like many students (Peet, 2011), ours tended to find it difficult to articulate the knowledge, skills, and achievements they had developed throughout their course, and through extra curricular activities, verbally or in writing on graduation. Using PebblePad, we are implementing a whole-of-course integrative learning approach across multiple programs around the university. In these courses, students are given a number of scaffolded opportunities to recognise and articulate their knowledge, skills and achievements, and to collect evidence to support these. Students use the stories and evidence gathered throughout their course to create PebblePad portfolios, documenting their learning journey and preparing them for their future employment.*

Heather Pate and Katrina Strampel, Centre for Learning and Teaching, Edith Cowan University