UK - South User Group

University of Bedfordshire, May 13th 2015

Hosts: Patricia Quinn and Mark Gamble

PebblePad: Matthew Wheeler, Holly Lewis and Beth Motherwell


James Shea, Senior Lecturer in English and Education University of Bedfordshire

Teacher Education on the PGCE Secondary and Primary course with PebblePad.

Take-away messages:

-  PebblePad webfolio is the central point of all collaboration and interaction, whether that be peers, tutors or mentors in practice. 

- Timely summative and formative feedback is based on key intervention points and are placed in tutors calender 

- Course administrators set-up and manage placement logistics. The set up wizard helps because often the student will move placement, potentially at the very last minute.

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Bethan Michael, Lecturer in Education Studies University of Bedfordshire

Education Studies unit - Children and Young People in the Digital Age

Take-away messages:

- Students access PebblePad using the Blackboard Building Block, this seamless process directs learners to the activities they need to undertake.

- Students are given very little training in how to use PebblePad instead workshops are used where peers are buddied with more confident individuals and staff are on hand to assist. 

- The use of PebblePad has evolved over the last 4-years and has become much more integral within the unit.

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Russell Brookes, Learning Technologies, University of the West of England

PebblePad: The story so far at University of the West of England

Take-away messages:

-  Important to have training sessions in PebblePad in the Induction week, this will introduce students to the system and get them thinking about ways they can use.

- Students receive a short refresher lesson shortly before assessment week.

-Ongoing challenge for medical students and NHS mentors to access PebblePad while on site, hoping the new PebblePocket app will help with this.

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Alfredo Gaitan, Senior Lecturer, Bedfordshire Teaching Fellow, University of Bedfordshire

My journey with ePortfolios

Take-away messages:

PDP provides learners the control to translate goals, creating learning strategies.

-Portfolio's are an ideal tool to support and summarise personal learning during the process of learning and development.

-Portfolio's need theoretical underpinning (pedagogy) in particular around learning development.

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