Aus - PebblePad in Health User Group

Online, June 26th 2015

Host: John McInerney, Monash University



Wendy Stuart - Smith, Nutrition and Dietetics, University of Sydney.


Real time, ongoing competency development tracking throughout a dietetics masters degree

Reflective practice and skills growth as a result, underpin the dietetics profession. However, student assessment, both in the classroom and on placement, is traditionally a top-down, supervisor driven process in dietetics in Australia. By using PebblePad, the Nutrition and Dietetics team at the University of Sydney have turned student assessment on its head, by introducing a reflective practice diary that is student-led, based on reflective practice, and supported by multiple level assessment gradings by supervisors. This supports the ethos of life-long reflection and learning by our Professional body, and allows insight into the student’s understanding of their skill development as they progress throughout the course.


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Anita Hamilton - Occupational Therapy, University of the Sunshine Coast


Embedding the use of PebblePad to track learning and build evidence of emerging competence in an undergraduate occupational therapy program

PebblePad was adopted as the preferred eportfolio at USC in 2012. The occupational therapy (OT) program was included in the launch of PebblePad in 2013 as it was searching for a replacement for an existing paper-based portfolio system. The OT program took a “slow explore start” approach and integrated PebblePad one year-level at a time, however in response to student and staff feedback the OT program decided to embed PebblePad across all years of its curriculum in 2015. The approach to developing an ePortfolio that students can use for entry to practice will be completed in two phases; the early education phase (focusing on tracking learning) and the transition to practice phase (focusing on translating learning to practice). In this presentation an example of how PebblePad is being used concurrently in workshop-style classes will be demonstrated.

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