UK - Midland User Group

Keele University, May 5th 2015

Host: Tim Smale


Tim Hinchcliffe - Head of Curriculum Support and Development at Keele University

How might PebblePad be used to encourage affective reflective practice?


Take away questions:

Should the eportfolio be driven by a sector agenda to support ‘skill acquisition’ built around graduate attributes (cognitive), or should the development of an eportfolio be more about social identify (affectiveness)?  Or can an eportfolio be both?


In achieving the latter, how do we help users create user-generated spaces?

View the presentation here.

Pete Lonsdale – Learning Technology Officer – School of Nursing and Midwifery at Keele University

Introducing a professional portfolio for student nurses


Take away questions:

Can too much choice for students be problematic? Freeform portfolios, and being able to do the same thing in multiple ways, can present challenges for portfolio creation and in the assessment of the submissions.

View the presentation here.