Here are some short snapshots of some of our committed PebblePaddlers explaining what excites and inspires them about PebblePad.

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PebblePad at McMaster University - Stephanie Mathews

Stephanie Mathews, Peer Mentor at McMaster University talks about why she loves PebblePad to help reflect on her learning.

PebblePad at McMaster University - Portia Kalun

Portia Kalun, Graduate Assistant at McMaster University on how PebblePad helps improves students’ communications and reflection skills.

PebblePad at University of Edinburgh - Dr Gavin McCabe

Dr Gavin McCabe, Head of Employability Consultancy at the University of Edinburgh on why he loves using PebblePad for their Student-led, Individually-created Courses (SLICCs) initiative.

PebblePad at University of Edinburgh - Robert Chmielewski

Robert Chmielewski, Online Assessment & Feedback Advisor at the University of Edinburgh on how he uses ATLAS to handle complex assessments.