A workbook is a multiple page booklet that can be designed to deliver content and interactive material to the user for learning, revision or for assessment. A workbook typically contains multiple templates but can also contain holders for users to add Activity Logs, Blogs, Pages, and Collections. Workbooks can be shared directly with users and can be made available to groups of users via ATLAS workspaces. The workbook creator can continue to add new pages, or make changes to existing pages, even after the workbook has been made available to users. This enables a ‘drip-feed’ of activities rather than having to provide everything up front.

Workbooks enable you to:

  • Provide content and context together with space for student response, reflection and contribution.
  • Provide structure for learning activities.
  • Provide students with preparatory activities and know if they have completed them.
  • Guide student collation of evidence of learning.
  • Drip feed content and activities over time.
  • View student work as it is progressing and provide formative feedback over time.
  • Have others view and comment on student work.

The attached tipsheet is provided as a guide and can be distributed to your users as required.  It is also available from the Tipsheets panel in the Learning Centre in Pebble+.